There are currently four core uses for OPV:

  1. Governance Token

OPV is the official governance token operating in OMarket's ecosystem, operated on BNB Smart Chain according to BEP20 standards.

  1. Transaction fee payments

OPV is used to pay transaction fees, NFT minting fees, and gas fees on OMarket's NFT Marketplace. However, with the special LazyMint mechanism, we have minimized the amount of fees that users have to pay.

  1. Rewarding users

Our only goal is to entertain our users and reward them appropriately as they enjoy and contribute to the world of NFTs. To do so, we built both a transparent and fair token economy where the ownership of the universe is decentralized.

We regularly organize programs and activities for the community, and OPV is used as a reward for those activities and also for staking on our platform

  1. Paying fees

To expand the ecosystem and connect with investors, partners, all are paid with OPV Token. We always want to maintain the value of OPV, thereby also preserving the source of income for the community.

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