Unique solution

  1. Lazy mint mechanism

With a unique mechanism only available at OMarket, creators can freely create and open up their own NFT world. Users will not have to pay any fees when minting NFTs on OMarket when sharing a wallet address with the exchange. Along with that, you will not have to pay transaction fees when selling your favorite products.

  1. Earn Profit

Creativity must be accompanied by profit. The purchase and sale of works of art throughout history has always been riddled with liquidity. It is very difficult for everyone to go out and find a row of artists' shops to choose satisfactory artworks according to their needs. That's why NFTs were born, giving users access to thousands and millions of works of art from different creators. Creators themselves also benefit when they can reach millions of global customers, increasing their ability to earn profits from their own NFTs.

  1. Assert personal ownership rights

Authenticating ownership and respecting copyright is always a painful issue. Not only in the art industry, copying and copyright infringement exist in all industries. NFT was born as a “tool” to support the verification of each artist's works. Each NFTs on OMarket are verified for creators with their own contract for each NFT. You will not have to worry about the artworks you create being duplicated or copied, because each NFTs is a unique token that cannot be counterfeited.

  1. Transparency

We always put transparency on the top. Especially in the Defi environment, when there is no controller, ensuring transparency for users is OMarket's priority. With the consensus mechanism, OMarket only allows transactions when both parties agree, buying and selling takes place simultaneously. All transactions will be recorded so users can check the cash flow of NFTs.

  1. Low fee - Fast transactions

As a late-born project, we observed shortcomings from other NFT exchanges. Especially, the transaction fees and gas fees are high when built on the ETH Chain. By overriding and summarizing all fees in one payment, we minimize the amount of gas fees users have to pay. In addition, we also increase transaction speed so that buying and selling NFTs can take place quickly and smoothly.

In the future, OMarket will develop more features to increase user experience, making a place for everyone in the NFT world.

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