1. Mint NFT

You can mint NFTs on OMarket without worrying about spending any gas fee. From the works and images that you have worked hard to create, will become NFTs for free!

  1. Create collection

As a user on OMarket, you can create your own collections and have the ability to change various aspects of your collection, such as its appearance and royalty settings. These include:

  • Collection name, description

  • Logo and banner images

  • Social links

  • Royalty fee rate and payout address

  1. Auctions

NFT Auction is a feature that helps creators' NFT increase in value many times over with NFTs that have community and special value in entertainment. The auction feature at OMarket will increase the appeal of NFTs to the global users.

  1. Transfer NFTs between users

You can easily transfer your NFTs to other wallet addresses on the exchange. Therefore, you can give your artworks to your friends.

  1. Connect Software Wallets

You can easily connect your wallets like Metamask, Trust, ... to sell NFTs available in the wallet. Listing and profiting from NFTs has never been easier.

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